Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Year of Change.

And so, friends, a new school year always marks a slew of changes.  Some of these changes are good; some are even bad.  This year, however, is filled with good changes... some of the biggest changes that my family has ever encountered.

1 -- I have a car. He's a cute car. His name is Chico. (You're probably wondering, "Why does she name a car?" Perhaps, though, the more appropriate question is, "Why don't you name your car?") Anyway, I've even had people comment on my 'sweet ride', and such compliments are oh-so-gratifying. 

2 -- I have a house. It's a cute house in a sketchy neighborhood, as in a broken walls, police-infested, crazy dark kind of sketchy neighborhood. No need to worry, though. I double-triple-quadruple check the locks each night. (Me? Paranoid?) It's so nice to have a space to myself (and an awesome roommate), especially since I had been previously living in the dorms. 

3 -- I have a new ward. It's a big, 'older-people' ward.  Last year, I went to the University Ward, and it was full of young single adults who were closer to my age.  This year, I'm in Towne Lake, and there are working single adults, grad single adults... in short, older-young-single-adults. I love it. I feel so welcomed, and there's just a different vibe where people are so chummy with one another. Plus, I've always felt more at ease around people who are older than I.  After all, my own mother reminds me on a weekly basis that I have the mentality of a senior citizen. 

4 -- I have a new major. It's quite possibly, the best major EVER.  I changed my major from Education to English Literature.  I stuck with Education for so long because I was too afraid to change my schedule.  There's nothing worse than approaching the first day of school when your college career/schedule is in complete disarray.  I need order, structure, discipline... I never really liked my education classes, but I am so passionate about English.  I love the readings, and I'm often so excited to discuss the content with my classmates.  I like to carefully craft my sentences and transform something cruddy into something eloquent.  Although I will forever respect and praise the good teachers out there, I think this is the major for me.  Just don't ask me about my career plans after college... I haven't the slightest clue. 

5 -- I've saved the best/scariest/biggest change for last.  My dad, my intelligent-handsome-awesome-dad, got a NEW job. (cue the gasps...) My dad has worked at Ursinus College FOREVER.

But things at Ursinus aren't going so swell. Some of his fellow faculty members are being...gee what's the word... STUPID.  Anyway, my dad deserves so much more, so he applied for a job at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah.  After a series of interviews and conferences, the faculty at Snow College recognized him for his sheer awesomeness.  And so, with the start of the new 2014 Spring semester, he will be Mr. Vice-Pres.-of-Academic-Affairs.  (Dang... that sounds bomb.) This means that my whole family will pack up our stuff, leave Pennsylvania, and move to, dare I say it..., Utah.  I'm very excited -- it might be hard to leave PA because we've spent so many years there, but this is an adventure! We are surrounded by mountains, we might actually get lots of snow, and we have a Walmart Supercenter.  The best part? Our whole family will be closer together.  Utah is a lot closer to Arizona than Pennsylvania is!  This will be a new start for the Hood family, and I'm so excited and proud of my intelligent-handsome-awesome dad.


  1. 1. Our vehicles names are Silvia and Ali. I grew up in a car-naming household. At one point, we even named the lawn mower. Glad to see we're not the only ones ;)
    2. Thank you for all your work with Activity Day girls. Lucy loves going and I know that has a lot to do with the thank you!
    3. I seriously thought it was April 1st when I first heard the news. We will miss your family but that is happy news that everyone will be closer now.

    Sarah K.

  2. Ooooh, I love your car names! They're a part of the family, you know? And it was an absolute PLEASURE working with Miss Lucy in Activity Day Girls and Primary. I would always come home telling my parents about how sweet she is. We will certainly miss your family, too, but I hope to visit sometime to catch up with everybody :)

  3. Bekki, I'm so glad I found this!!! I miss you and your awesomeness, and I will miss you more knowing you will be far away, but it sounds like the move will be a huge blessing for your family :) English lit totally suits should be a writer!!! By the way, my car's name is Manny ;) Love you, and I hope your semester goes well :)

  4. Oh, my sweet Cara! I miss you SO much, as well, and Brigham and I often laugh about seeing you during the bike ride. You heard me screaming your name in the middle of the busy intersection :)

    As always, I appreciate your love and friendship, and I wish you the best with school, too! I am certain that you will succeed in any path that you pursue. Love you, girl!