Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tyger, Tyger! Burning Bright, in the Closets of the Night.

I've never been much of a cat person.  I think they're mean, mysterious, selfish, and annoying.  In short, they're not like dogs.  I'm also allergic to cats -- they make me sniffle, and sneeze, and itch, and wheeze.
Despite my particular distaste for such feline creatures, I always have a tender spot in my heart for animals.

Upon my moving into the Mesa house, there was a smell... a yucky-rotting-dead-smell.  In the backyard, there is a small utility closet which is built into the exterior of the house.  With the intentions of discovering that reeking smell, my dad opened the closet and found two cats and a skunk... all dead, decomposing, and maggot-infested.  Aside from being completely appalled and disgusted, I admittedly went to the bedroom and cried.  When my sister and brother-in-law were moving out of this house, I guess these poor animals accidentally got locked in.  I was overcome with guilt/sadness, and I vowed to never close that utility closet door.  If animals needed a place of refuge... they could go to the closet, and maybe I could start a zoo.

Such animal compassion resulted in an unexpected surprise, just last weekend.

On Saturday, I went to the utility closet to get a bucket, and I discovered a kitten -- a fluffy, tiny, frightened, bright-eyed kitten.  He was absolutely adorable, and yes, I'm sure it was a "he"... I checked his furry butt.  In the midst of spare tires and outdoor paraphernalia shoved into the utility closet, Momma Cat nursed this kitten.  I named him Tyger because he's feisty, he bit me SUPER hard, and I like William Blake.  

I knew I couldn't keep the little guy because I would be sneezing up a storm, but I felt so guilty leaving him in my backyard!  The following Sunday, I ran to the closet, but he and Momma Cat were gone.  I honestly felt sad... I'm not a cat person, but I wanted that kitten.  Occasionally, I see Momma Cat skulking around.  When neighbors leave their car windows open, she'll be lounging in the backseat (which I find hysterical.)  I imagine that Tyger is lodged in a new safe place, and I hope he'll find his way to my closet again.


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