Sunday, December 22, 2013

Amish Paradise.

It is good to be back home in Pennsylvania! I was under the impression that I would be going to Ephraim, Utah for Christmas, but with the house settlement and selling complications, I feel blessed to have one last visit in good ol' Collegeville. And the best part? Our whole family will be together soon.

On Saturday -- Kristin, Jon, Mom, Brigham, and I went to Amish Country.  We love Lancaster, but this quaint town is tragically named Intercourse.  Yes, the town is victim to many inappropriate jokes, and people covet the town limit signs.  Our family has some favorite t-shirt slogans:
  1. I love Intercourse, PA   (Note how PA is in tiny-print).
  2. Intercourse, PA is everything I thought it would be.
  3. Ask me about Intercourse, PA.
The drive up to Amish country is absolutely gorgeous.  The sweeping farmlands stretch across the landscape, dotted with barns, farmhouses, and laundry lines. Every time we drive by, my dad sighs with longing, telling us about the plants that he would cultivate with all the attention and care of a tender parent. He has always wanted a farm, except he and Mom should have had...maybe 50 more babies to help with the work.

I am OBSESSED with this picture.
We drove to Kitchen Kettle Village. It offers "authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Country shopping!"  They have the best cheese, fudge, baked goods, jam, and quilt shops.  Each store gives tons of samples of food, so we always leave on a full stomach. We are so sad to be leaving this gem of a place, but we are grateful for years of good memories.  (Oh stars -- I sound so a 90-year-old).
This fudge shop is amazing. The workers show you how they make the fudge on huge marble tables, and it must be amusing as they see people salivating with the anticipation of deliciousness.

Smoked Gouda... enough said.

We love this gallery -- we buy most of our artwork from this place!

And of course... the holy of holies at the Kitchen Kettle -- the Canning Kitchen! Jams, jellies, salsas, cookies, relishes, EVERYTHING.  After using this jam, we will never go back to that Smuckers gelatinous junk.  This place is always a favorite for my parents, especially as they are canning aficionados. The Amish women working in the kitchens are incredible, and everything in the store is home-made.

Love these people.  And love this place, too.

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