Tuesday, December 10, 2013

He Builds Bridges... No Big Deal.

So, I know this kid...no boy... no man!!!  He's smart, he's kind-hearted, he's bright, and he is seriously one of the funniest guys I know.  His name is Brigham, and I am his proud big sister.

Cue the drum roll, folks... because Brigham is officially an Eagle Scout!  I think five billion astronauts earned their Eagle Scout award, so Brigham... perhaps you are destined to explore space.

Here's the thing about Brigham -- he is diligent.  He fulfilled his Boy Scout duties, he went camping all the time, he schooled all of his buddies in a mock-game of poker, he biked 50 miles, and he got to wear a fancy-shmancy sash with badges all over it.  About 18 months ago, Brigham finished his Eagle Scout project, the mother-of-all projects, if I might say so.  He built a bridge -- as in a structure that provides passage over a river, a chasm, a road, or in this case... a dried-up creek.  Hunsberger Woods is a place in Collegeville, PA where people go walking or hiking.  There was a bridge that was decaying, rotting, and if you were stupid enough to walk across it, it's likely that you would, you know, break a body part.

Brigham and some members of the amazing Valley Forge First Ward cleared the rotting bridge away, cleaned the debris in the surrounding area, and built a brand-spanking new bridge.  It's awesome, it's new, and it even has railings for those poor souls who are incapable of walking in a straight line... (yeah, there's a reason why I consistently won "Most Likely to Fall Down" in school).  He was a great leader, and he definitely rendered a service to the community.

Perhaps I do not say this enough, but I am so proud of Brigham! He is resilient, he is confident, he does not care about what people think of him, and he is a great example to me.  People always say that he has a big name to live up to...big shoes to fill, I guess.  But he has no need to worry about that.  Earning his Eagle Scout is no small feat. I am in awe of everything that he does, and I know that he will build his own great legacy.  He is destined for great things, and I am so excited to stand as a witness of those things.

Bud -- I love you, and I cannot wait to see you in a few days.  And when I get home... we'll just see who reigns champion in Super Smash Bros.  I suspect that the title still belongs to Bekki Hood.

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