Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This is what you get when you don't write for a while — a massive hash of important stuff.  Let's begin, shall we?

Another school year is over, and you know what? It doesn't feel as great as I thought it would.  I approach every semester with the anticipation of Christmas break, Spring break, Summer break, and every other break that exists.  Then, school finally ends and I think, "Well, now what?" I miss being in school.  I miss having a clearly defined goal.  I miss the satisfaction of getting good grades on my papers.  I miss my professors because they think I'm awesome, and they're right, of course.  I wish that I would appreciate the college experience more.  There is so much more to college than just the pursuit of your undergraduate degree, and I, unfortunately, lose sight of that.

So now, I work at this place called Genius Coaching, and I feel like a jack-of-all-trades.  I do a little bit of everything — talking to clients, administrative work, technical editing, finances, therapy sessions, walking the dogs.  (And yes... I do take care of the therapy dogs).  The job is great.  This company is based upon the premise that every individual is a genius.  People are born to be brilliant, and our job is to cultivate people's natural strengths and gifts so they reach their true potential.  I'm basically guaranteed a full-time position following college, and that, to me, is a major security.  I've heard horror stories of graduated college students who are on the job hunt for months, even years.

Just this last weekend, my family was in town for my birthday, and it was sweet to see them.  The same thing happens each time they visit.  Mom gasps at the empty pantry and worries that her dearest child is starving, so we go to Costco, and she buys me food.  Dad inspects the condition of my house, and he gets to work.  This time around, he fixed the dishwasher, and he worked on the roof, so we don't get leaks every time there's a torrential downpour.  Hallelujah for his handy skills.  And Brigham, bless his heart, he plays N64 and goes swimming every single time.  He recycles through all of his favorite jokes and movie/TV quotations.  He never fails to make me laugh and smile.  And do you know why else my family is amazing?  This year was the first time I was away from home for my birthday, so my family came to me in AZ.  Talk about love and dedication?! I know this sounds completely and entirely cliche, but home is seriously where family is.

And a super secret confession?  The last night my family was in town, Brigham stayed at my house.  That boy sleeps through everything, and we had spent a pretty late night together.  I watched him fall asleep (sounds super creeper-ish), and I seriously started to cry because I've missed him.  I know he was right there in the room with me, but the anticipation of him leaving in the morning was a bit devastating.  I know I'm an adult.  I take care of myself now, I pay my bills, I feed myself, and I'm pretty independent.  But that doesn't mean that I don't get homesick, still.  I miss my family, and sometimes, I miss being a little kid.  Perhaps I'm being childish, but I don't care.  If you had my family, you would feel exactly the same way.

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