Friday, June 27, 2014

All the Pennies.

Life, for me, progresses at full-speed ahead.  There is always something to be done.  There is always a project to finish.  There is always a big, looming goal that seems just beyond my grasp.  I live life in constant anticipation of that next big moment — the moment I graduate from college; the moment I get that raise; the moment I find the person I love; the moment I can relax and travel.  I think to myself, "Life will be perfect once these big moments come."

But life was never meant to be lived in such a way.  My life is perfect now.  My life is perfect amidst the good times and the bad, the bumps in the road, the unexpected changes in course.  I'm finding that life is beautiful, good, and perfect when I take the time to notice all the pennies, the small and precious moments that make up eternity.


The other day, I saw a little boy splashing in a fountain.  He was clutching a fistful of coins, and I noticed that they were all pennies.  I asked him why he only wanted the pennies, and he said, "Well, somebody's gotta love the small ones!"

Two darling girls in my neighborhood were excitedly playing with a refrigerator box.  It was a blazing 110 degrees, and yet they carved out a door, windows, and a peephole for spying.  They spent hours playing "house" in a cardboard structure barely big enough to fit a child.

Kristin is expecting a baby boy, and she went to Utah to visit my family.  My mom told me that Kristin felt a flutter of movement in her body.  The baby is healthy and active.  New life is beautiful.

A stray dog accompanied me during my morning runs at Mesa Riverview Park.  He was filthy and emaciated, but sweet, well-behaved, and loving.  He adored belly rubs, and whenever I paused to catch my breath, he waited, his tail flapping wildly behind.  A rescue team picked him up, and they put him down.  For months, the poor thing suffered from internal damage, but nobody could tell.  He acted like a puppy — free, joyful, and excited.

I was at a friend's house, and I was humming a primary song to myself.  It was late at night, and one roommate wished us "good-night." He shut himself in his room.  I could hear the mattress squeaking as he flung himself into bed.  And then...I heard singing.  He was softly singing the same primary song, but it sounded like the voice of a sweet child.

On a very early Sunday morning, the sun rose.  Brilliant colors stretched across the sky in warm pinks, oranges, and yellows.  The moon was faint, but it rested in a gorgeous expanse of radiant hues.  These beautiful sights are Heavenly Father's gifts to His children.

Temple trips are always sweet, especially when you have the dearest friend to accompany you! One of the temple workers radiated love, joy, and warmth.  He took my hand and said, "I always try to make people laugh.  It calms the nerves.  You just giggled, so my job here is done!"

How can you NOT love this girl? What a sparkling soul!


The truth is... there are so many beautiful sights, sounds, and sensations in life.  Slow down - pause a moment - take a deep breath -  enjoy the ride.  And take a cue from the little fountain boy — look for and appreciate all the pennies.  If you don't, then who will?

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