Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Well can you believe it? I graduated with a B.A. from Arizona State University.  I'd drink to that...if I drank.  After many prayers and late night musings, I decided to start a new chapter in Utah, Land of the Saints (yeah, that's a real nickname).  We moved all of my belongings to Utah, and we put the Mesa house on the market.  My mom and I were left cleaning the house, and a bee flew in through the open door.  I hate bees, and my reaction upon seeing one is akin to that of a squirrely, little girl. My

This bee is funny. And it's as big as the hole in the window.
mom rolled her eyes and marched towards the bee resting on a window.  She took a broom, smacked the bee, and broke the window.  Mom and I looked at each other and started laughing, and then a feeling sunk in, an "oh stars, we busted a window" feeling.  We were supposed to leave Arizona the next day, so we were scrambling to find an emergency window repair company.  Long story short, the window was fixed, and we left on our merry way to Utah.  Now, I feel like I have some leverage whenever I make a mistake in front of my mom. I'll just say, "Well you broke a window!!"

Depressing sight, yes?
So I am home in Ephraim. One night, the family was watching some Netflix, and I decided to bake some cookies.  Fancy, homemaker ladies bake homemade cookies.  I am not a fancy, homemaker lady. I am lazy and have no desire to bake cookies from scratch. That's why Betty Crocker, that blessed woman, created cookie mixes that you can buy at the store. This is where the little story gets good.  The cookie mix expired in 2013.  I opened it, and it smelled terrible.  I wanted to dump it, but my parents said, "Give it a try! It can't hurt! It's probably just the smell of old nuts!" I mixed all of the ingredients together, tasted the dough, and yuck. It's probably just the old nuts, right? I baked the cookies, and I gave my dad the first cookie.  He took one bite, spat out the glob, and retched.  It's definitely not the old nuts.  Flour goes bad! I just find this experience absolutely hysterical. Or maybe I'm just a poor judge of what's funny and what's not.  One thing, however, is clear — mom and dad should trust my judgment more.  

During this holiday season, I am grateful that I can spend time with my family. I wish all of my friends and family a Merry Christmas, and do not forget to keep the spirit of Christmas in your heart!

OH! And Theo happened.  This is like a Christmas present, except early! You can thank me later.  Scratch that — you can thank my sister who, you know, birthed this cutie. 

Theodore (Theo) Huckleberry Burgoyne
Of course, this picture is huge.   

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