Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Project Red Sink — Part One.

You know the crazy, AMAZING, inspiring home renovation jobs you see on Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper, or Property Brothers?  Well... this home renovation will NOT be like those.

My family bought a cute condominium in Provo where I will be living for the next couple of years while I go to school.  The house has all the bells and whistles... a wood-burning stove, skylights, spacious bedrooms, and a massive island in the kitchen.

This house, however, does require a bit of some love and renovation, but we are doing a basic and simple job.  After the house was settled, my mom and I did some deep cleaning.  From the perspective of a legitimately OCD individual... I died and wanted to wear one of those bio-hazard safety suits.  Grease, and dirt, and dust, and bugs were everywhere.  Here are some before pictures:


There's a reason why this reno job is called Project Red Sink.  Behold!!!  This crimson wonder certainly has character, but it's awkward, inefficient, and it's basically a cast-iron beast.  It's also a really strange custom size.  Since we are replacing the sink, we have to replace the countertops, too.

This is the rest of the kitchen.  It has great cabinet space and countertop space.  We are stripping the gloss of the cabinetry and painting them white.  We like things light — it will make the kitchen look so much bigger! We are also replacing the hardware... probably with some chrome fixtures.  The old hardware was terrible.  It was sticky, and it looked like squiggly worms.  As for the countertops, we are stuck.  We are trying to find a countertop that is durable, affordable, and classy.  Obviously, stone would be a dream, but we are trying to be realistic here.

Across from the kitchen is my favorite space... the living room! The beautiful skylight lets in so much natural light, and it gives such an open feel to the room.  And I love that wood-burning stove.  It gives the space character, and it's functional!!! The floor is laminate, but it's in good shape, and it will be convenient for moving furniture in and out of the condo.  The side wall has some funky wood paneling going on.  This could serve as an interesting focal point for the room, but it's got some pretty big, gaping holes that make it look like somebody shot several bullets into the wall.  This room has fantastic potential, though!  Oh, and that weird light fixture from the 80s? It has got to go.

In the rest of the house, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The bedrooms are in good shape, but the bathrooms need some work.  There is a possible water leak in the master bathroom that needs to be checked out, but the main bathroom is a piece of work.  The pictures speak for themselves.

There is more wood paneling in this bathroom.  And yes, the bathtub is a shocking shade of blue.  I'm not sure what we'll do with that, but I know we'll switch out the glass door with a regular curtain rod. The glass door is difficult to clean and maintain, and the element of privacy is still absent.  I get paranoid about those things.  I can appreciate the former owner's attempt to give the bathroom some beachy charm.  That sailboat trim just brings you to the ocean, right?  AND, this is my absolute favorite part of the bathroom...

I'm tempted to keep this gem... it's hilarious.  Somebody really wanted a window, so a window was painted and applied as a sticker to the wall.  And as the cherry on top, it's consistent with the beachy theme.  So... what do you think? Keep it or strip it?


Overall, the house is in good shape, and the renovations are merely cosmetic.  We are getting new carpets and painting the entire house.  I am so excited to move in and feel like a big girl again.  So stay updated with this project.  I have a feeling that the final pictures are going to be flipping good.

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