Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Top 4.

My top 4 for the month, besides the defense of course.

1 - About a month ago, I purchased a 3-month membership to the Provo Rec Center. It's been fantastic, especially since I've been getting bored with running. I discovered that I love zumba classes even though I'm terrible at dancing. My lack of coordination is spectacular, and I've face planted twice. My sister and I did an aqua zumba class last Thursday, which is perfect for her pregnant-ness. I accidentally kicked her in the butt, and I stepped on her foot.

A few weeks ago, I attended a pilates class. 15 minutes in, however, I thought, "There is no way this is a pilates class." It was actually the P90X workout from hell. I couldn't leave the workout because it would be too conspicuous, so I suffered 55 minutes of agony. The other people in the session practically glistened when they sweat. I looked like I was dunked in a river. They were able to hold conversations comfortably. I sounded like a squeaky toy was lodged in my throat.

2 - Two weeks ago, I attended the Phi Kappa Phi initiation dinner with my parents. Apparently, PKP is the nation's oldest honor society and NOT a virus that crashes your hard drive when you open the "Congratulations!" email. The evening was delightful, and the highlight was the keynote speaker who made so deep an impression that I forget her name. But really, she was funny, authentic, spiritual, and intelligent. She gave practical advice that wasn't riddled in the Mormon cliches that I'm not particularly fond of. My other favorite part was when my parents swapped out poached pears for chocolate cakes from other people's place settings. Instead of the arrangement of cake, pear, cake, pear, cake... my parents made it cake, cake, cake, and dumped the pears on the other side of the table.

3 - BYU hosts an annual English Symposium every year. I presented a paper in the—wait for it—"Graduate Panel." This panel was basically for the papers whose themes didn't fit anything else in the conference. We were the residual dregs of the submission pool. Again, my mom was a sweetheart and came, but I think my presentation interested her. I presented on Igor Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" (it's that Fantasia scene where volcanoes erupt, and dinosaurs die). This paper was extremely fun to write; I loved incorporating the ballet and the score into my research, and I felt like a winner when people were not only awake but chipper during my presentation.

4 - This happened today. When your Electronic Thesis Dissertation is successfully accepted by the Graduate Studies department, you get a chocolate bar, and you ring a fancy bell. This might not seem like a big deal, BUT IT IS. This is like the cherry on top; the amen at the end of a sermon; basically a thumbs-up from Jesus. And I had the pleasure to share this sweet moment with my friend Nicole, who finished her work at the same time. The pictures tell it all.

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