Monday, July 17, 2017

Top Things (Summer Edition).

It's been a while. Let's play catch up.

1. Kylie had a baby boy named Oliver. He's cute and squishy. I think his nose is my favorite part of him. I'm always flattered when my sister says I have the magic touch with him. 

2. Last Tuesday, Brigham re-left(?) for his mission in Arcadia, CA. I'm so happy and excited for him. I secretly hope that when he finishes, we can celebrate in... I don't know... Disneyland. 

3. Mom and I went to Vegas in June. We bought tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera in February, and it was delightful. The music gives me the chills, and I'm convinced that my heart isn't made of stone because I always cry at the end. Our trip included everything but the strip—Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Premium Outlets, Raising Cane's, and a remarkably clean China Town. 

4. I finished the stupid statistics class in record time—45 days! I'll brazenly scream to the world that I got an A- because I stressed more about this class than my entire academic career. And I'm convinced that I gained 10 pounds while studying and completing assignments. I had a system; every time the class annoyed me, I ate an M&M. I ate a lot

5. I went to the eye doctor, which seems lame, right? NOT SO. My doctor said that my eyes were exceptionally healthy, and I felt like a star. Quite different from my other doctor visits in which we acknowledge that my brain circuits and neurotransmitters are permanently fried, but everything else seems peachy. 

6. Kristin, Jon, and Theo came to visit us in Ephraim. This picture captures their personalities beautifully. Theo loved the fireworks on the 4th and our neighbor's exciting (wink) display, too.   

7. I'm trying to be more domestic. Mom is going to teach me how to sew a blanket, which might be a terrible idea since I couldn't even sew the practice paper in 6th grade. I'm also baking. I'm pretty proud of my peasant bread recipe, even though it tastes like air. I tried my hand at Philly soft pretzels, which was embarrassing. My batch looked like it emerged from a thigh master. 

8. Today, construction workers are at my house installing new windows. And thank heavens for that. The old windows are not energy efficient, and they invite the entire insect kingdom to reside in my home. And when I wake up to find a spider on my bed, I get so freaked out that I just cry. 

9. Ever since I graduated from school, I've had a bit more time to read my books... not scaffold narratives or modernist fragments or disabled feminist theory. I actually pick books from my bookshelf. AND I READ THEM. This has made me exceptionally happy, and I even celebrated by upgrading my Kindle on Prime Day. 

10. So where does this leave me now? I'm happy, despite the fact that I have a major existential crisis/breakdown each day at approximately 9:00 pm. I'm still working on prerequisites for my new program, but I'm filled with so much uncertainty about a brand new discipline. I hate feeling uncertain about my future, even more than I hate the spiders coming through my window. And my preparation for my application has been frustrating. I'm trying to get volunteer experience under the supervision of an MSW, but I'm finding that people don't respond EVER to letters, emails, texts, phone calls, personal visits, and cutesy post-it notes shoved under office doors. But I'll keep trying, and pesting, and praying that everything won't amount to a huge mistake. 

I'm feeling burnt-out. I think I need a vacation, but I'm not the kind of person who will put a chip in my bank account for a vacation. So I'll wait until my parents go on vacation, and I'll just happen to tag along with them. 

Love, Bekki 

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