Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hoodlums Unite.

So often in life, I think we forget that the most beautiful and precious blessings sit right under our very noses.  I have three siblings, two older sisters and one younger brother, and I, regrettably, take them for granted.  It's sad, really.  Sometimes, I reflect upon childhood, and I dwell on the rivalries, the bickering, or the times in which I felt slighted by my siblings.  But this is wrong.  Kristin, Kylie, and Brigham -- they're all incredible individuals, radiant with Christ's love.  They have been blessed with unique talents and strengths, and they bring so much joy to my life.  They're my best friends.  In honor of National Siblings Day, I want to share my favorite memories with my siblings. 

Kristin: What a woman, this one! She epitomizes confidence and independence.  You drop this girl off in Malaysia, and she'll know exactly what to do.  Kristin is street-smart, school-smart, sports-smart, church-smart, and every other smart you can think of.  One of my favorite memories is from the summer of 2011.  I spent the summer in Arizona, living with Kristin.  I was in the bedroom when I suddenly heard shrieking from the T.V. room.  My heart plummeted as I envisioned a masked man butchering my sister.  I dashed in to the rescue, and Kristin was screaming because her football team fumbled the ball.  Now, I can manage a giggle, but back then, I was slightly irked.  Kristin, though? She's amazing, and she makes space pants and furry vests look hot.

Kylie: She is the most quotable person on this planet.  "Chipmunk? I thought it was Chickmunk!" "There's a moose in Pennsylvania!" "I've got Legos at home!" She's also the funniest.  Many of her statements revolve around toilet humor, and it's so endearing.  Kylie is one of the most compassionate  individuals I know.  She has a heart of gold, and when somebody requests her help, she drops everything and is so willing to extend service to others.  What an example! My favorite memories with Kylie are when we play piano duets together.  One time, she and I tried to play a "Jingle Bells" duet as fast as possible.  It got a bit crazy, but we were both gasping for breath, completely overcome with laughter.  I can tell Kylie anything, and that's been a blessing as I've encountered different challenges throughout life.

Brigham:  Good grief -- where do I even start with this one?  This kid's talents are slightly unorthodox, but they are, nevertheless, impressive.  Brigham is quite the master of several imitations.  Sean Connery, Pip the Chipmunk, Money Penny, and Kylie are just a few.  And his whistling skills are uncanny.  He can whistle at least ten different ways.  Dad and I will die laughing as we hear Brigham, in his room, whistling familiar tunes two octaves higher than what they're supposed to be.  My favorite memory with Bud was when he camped out in my room on Christmas Eve.  He was bubbling with excitement, and it was difficult to sleep.  Let's just say... he's quite gifted in making peculiar noises with his armpits.  He can manage every note in the SATB range, and that night was filled with his gleeful giggles.  Now, he's obsessed with the peach fuzz on his armpits.  Apparently, armpit hair is indicative of manhood.  One of the hardest things about going to college was leaving Brigham.  I love his sense of humor, his tender heart, and his quirky personality.

We fought when we were little, and even now, we encounter the occasional conflict.  But in the grand scheme of things, we have a beautiful relationship, we are all grounded in the Gospel, and we are living life in the right direction.  This is one of my favorite Mormon Messages, and it made me think of my siblings. 

In the video, Luke ponders, "What would Sam say?"  That's such a powerful statement.  You guys are examples to me, and I often think about how you would respond to various situations.  Regardless of age or where we are in life, it is my sincerest desire that one day, you can look to me as an example, and you can say, "What would Bekki do in this situation?"  I love you guys, and I cannot wait to see you soon!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Sad Bird + An Even Sadder Girl.

People probably think I'm destined to become a serial killer.  There are several warning signs indicating that a person could potentially become murderous.  I suppose this one, in particular, rings true with me.

Warning Sign #3: Torturing Small Animals

Serial killers typically do not feel remorse when they harm animals.  I do not intentionally harm animals, and I am overcome with remorse if I happen to accidentally torture a creature.  Seriously, one time a beautiful monarch butterfly got crumpled in the grill of my car, and I wept like a sinner in Church.

As you already know, I've had terrible luck with animals. Last semester, I ran over a cat.  I was so devastated that I skipped class and polished off an entire tub of ice-cream.  I'll also remind you of the three furry creatures that got locked inside the utility closet.  Their death was tragic, horrifying, and messy.  Last year, my beloved fish was dying, and I couldn't flush it down the toilet, so I stuck it in the freezer, hoping that turning the thing into a popsicle would be the most merciful way to bring about an inevitable end. 

Well, my tragic animal encounter this morning just might reign supreme.  I was driving to school, and a small bird decided to take a dump on my windshield as I was stuck at a red light.  I was slightly angry because I try to maintain a clean vehicle.  After all, I am a classy lady.  The bird was still on my windshield, so I turned on my windshield wipers.  The bird's wing and leg got caught in the windshield wiper, and it was unable to free itself.  I was absolutely mortified, especially as the light turned green, and I was driving with a suffering bird trapped on my windshield.  It was particularly embarrassing to see fellow drivers gawking at my car.  They were probably wondering what kind of insensitive monster would condemn a bird to such a gruesome fate.

I drove for a good ten minutes.... with a bird stuck on my windshield.  I finally got to school, and when I lifted up the wiper, the bird flew away with a seriously injured wing.  I gingerly removed some feathers from the wipers.  I still feel terrible.  I feel like there are several animals in Animal Heaven that are seriously ticked off with me. 

I wish there was a happy conclusion to this story, but there's not.  So... the end.